In The Wilderness of Heart
Rearing under the old skies,
Keeping sacred an eerie solitude
Freedom an objective in a lonely desert’s
Lost are the wayfarers, deceived on their way.
O’ my wild heart! Shall we ever leadâ
Let’s keep hold of ourselves and do not
Why can’t we rest in peace accepting our
Step silently in retreat….
The mountains breed no Moses;
The deserts can’t grow any roses;
The same is sun’s heat; the same is the fire.
Why do I wish? What do thee desire?
For the blessed heaven or a secret lair!
Rebirth or to be the part of whole again…!
Or searching for the root cause of separationâ
To be unique and conquer the union…!
Allah may safeguard my impulse to be sane.
I jump fearlessly into the ocean of Love
One plunge deep; anxious to know the truth
Why this silence? The tranquility that shuns
Everything itself into nothingness turns
The conflict distressed with shame;
All ideas adjourn; the whole lot seems tough.
Will they ever seek a resolution powerful
The sun, moon and the stars, are all spectators
Saying not a word, numb or dumb…?
As vacuous in death as in life
May the spirit in thee I imbibe…?
Behold me O’ wild wind….!
Watch my passion, my strife…
I colour red the flowers, the wind and the skies.
Inspired from Lala-i-Sehrai in Bal-i-Jibril by
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Iqbal Spirituality and Sufism
Seema Arif
Jehan Nawardi
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