Station (Maqam)
Station (maqam) denotes anyone's "standing" in the Way of God, and his fulfillment of the
obligations appertaining to that "station" and his keeping it until he comprehends its perfection so
far as lies in a man's power. It is not permissible that he should quit his "station" without fulfilling
its obligations thereof. Thus the first "station" is repentance (tawbat, then comes conversion
(inabat), then renunciation (zuhud), then trust in God (tawwakul); and so on. These stages are
achieved step by step and none can be escaped in between.
Sufi States and Stations
Excerpts from
Kashf-al Mahjub
Hal is something that descends from God into man's heart; without his
being able to repel it when it comes, or to attract it when it goes, by his
own effort.
State (Hal)
The Distinction between State (hal) and Station (maqam)
    Therefore, the term 'station' means the way of the seeker, and his
    progress in the field of exertion, and his rank before God in
    proportion to his merit, the term 'state' denotes the favor and grace
    which God bestows upon the hearts of His servant, and which are not
    connected with any mortification on the latter's part.
"Station" belongs to category of acts,
"state" to the category of gifts.
    Hence the man has a'station' stands by his own self-mortification,
    whereas the man that has a 'state' is dead to 'self' and stands by
    a'state' which God creates in him. Station is something, which a
    Sufi achieves with personal effort, and state is something, which
    is bestowed by His Graciousness.
Satisfaction is the lovers's choice. For some it is a state and for some the station.

Satisfaction is the result of Love; in as much the lover is satisfied with what is done by beloved,
whether it is 'pain of chastisement' or 'The Pleasure of Bounty'.

According to Muhassabi School, "The satisfaction belongs to the class of 'states' and Divine gifts,
not to the stages that are acquired by effort." P. 179. Quiescence and tranquility of heart are not
qualities acquired by Man, but are Divine gifts.

God said to Moses,

"O son of Imran, My satisfaction with thee consists in thy being
satisfied with my decree."

Harith Muhasibi would say, "Satisfaction is the quiescence (sukun) of the heart under the events
which flow from the Divine decrees." As Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) had prayed from God,

O God, I ask of Thee satisfaction after the going forth of Thy ordinance
(al rida  ba' ad al-qada), i.e.,
keep me in such a condition that when the ordinance comes to me from
Thee, Destiny may find me satisfied with its coming.

Satisfaction is the end of "stations" and the beginning of the "state": it is a place of which one
side rests on acquisition and effort, and the other side on Love and rapture: there is no "station"
above it: at this point mortifications (mujahadat) cease. Hence its beginning is in the class of
things divinely bestowed. Therefore it may be called either a
"station" (no more to go) or a
"state"(which is going to last).
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