Universe A Divine Mystery
    Ali Hujwary has said, "I have found this universe an abode of Divine
    mysteries, which are deposited in the created things. Substances, accidents,
    elements, bodies, forms, and properties; all these are veils of Divine
    mysteries." From the stand point of Unification (tawhid) it is polytheism to
    assert that any such veils exist, but in this world everything is veiled, by its
    being from Unification, and the spirit is held captive by admixture and
    association with phenomenal being. Hence the intellect can hardly comprehend
    those Divine mysteries; and the spirits can but dimly perceive the marvels of
    nearness to God. Man, enamored of his gross environment remains sunk in
    ignorance and apathy, making no attempt to cast off the veil that has fallen
    upon him. Blind to the beauty of Oneness, he turns away from God to seek the
    vanities of this world and allow his appetites to domineer over his reason,
    notwithstanding that animal soul, which the Qur'an (7: 53) describes as
    "commanding to evil" (ammarat bi `l su), is the greatest of all veils between
    God and Man. (p.8-9)
Excerpts From
Kashf-al Mahjub
Kashf al- Mahjub: The Revelation of The Mystery
I call this book"The Revelation of The Mystery" (p .3) because my object was that the title of the book
should proclaim its contents to persons of insight. You must know that all mankind are veiled from the
subtlety of spiritual truth except God's saints and His chosen friends; and in as much as this book is an
elucidation of the Way of Truth, and an explanation of Mystical sayings, and an uplifting of the veil of
mortality, no other title is appropriate to it. Essentially unveiling (kashf) is destruction of the veiled
object, just as the veil destroys revelation (makashafat) and just as, for instance, one who is near
cannot bear to be near; or as animal, which is generated from vinegar dies when it falls into any other
substances, while those animals which are generated from other substances perish if they are put in
vinegar. (p. 4-5)
The spiritual path is hard to travel except for those
who were created for that purpose. Hazrat
Muhammad (SAW) has said: "Everyone finds easy
that for which he was created."
There are two veils:
1. The veil of covering  (hijab -e- rayni),
which can never be removed,
2. The veil of clouding (hijab- e ghayui),
which is quickly removed.
rayn and ghayn. Junayd said: Al-rayn min jumlat al watnat wa
`l ghayn min jumlat al-khatrat', 'Rayn belongs to the class of
abiding things and ghayn to the class of transient things.  
Watan is permanent and khatar is adventitious. E.g., it is
impossible to make a mirror out of stone, though many The
Sufi Shayks have given many subtle hints on the subject of
polishers assemble to try their skills on it, but a rusty mirror
can be made bright by polishing; darkness is innate in the
stone, and brightness is innate in the mirror; since the essence
is permanent, the temporary attribute does not endure.
Ali Hujwery says: Accordingly I've composed this book for polishers of hearts
which are infected by the veil of "clouding" but in which the substance of light
of the Truth is existent, in order that the veil may be lifted from them by the
blessing of reading it, and that they mind find their way to spiritual reality.
Those whose being is compounded of denial of truth and perpetration of
falsehood will never find their way thither, and this book will be of no use of
them. (p. 5)
Translation by
R. A. Nicholson
A man is veiled from the Truth by his essence (dhat), so that in his view truth and
falsehood are the same. Therefore the veil of essence, which is that of covering â
€˜rayni’ is never removed. Rayn is synonymous with khatm (sealing) and tab
(imprinting). Thus God hath said: “By no means: but their deeds have spread a
covering (rana) over their hearts� (Qur'an: 83: 14). He had made the sense of it
manifest and said: “Verily it is all one to the unbelievers whether thou warnest
them or no; they will not believe� (Qur'an: 2:5); then he explains the cause
thereof, saying: “God hath sealed up their hearts� (Qur'an: 2:6)
A man is also veiled from the truth by his attributes (sifat), so that his nature and heart
continually seek the Truth and flee from falsehood. The veil of attributes, which is that
of "clouding" (ghayni), may be removed at times, for essence does not admit of
alteration, but the alteration of attributes is possible.
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Jehan Nawardi
The spiritual path is hard to travel except for those
who were created for that purpose. Hazrat
Muhammad (SAW) has said: "Everyone finds easy
that for which he was created."