Excrepts from KASHF-AL MAHJUB
The oldest persian treatise on Sufism
Discourse on Subsistence (baqa) and (fana) Annihilation
Annihilation of Essence is a Christian Dogma
The Nestorians of Rum and the Christians hold that Mary annihilated by
self-mortification all the attributes of humanity (awsaf-e-nasuti) and that the
Divine subsistence became attached to her, so that she was made subsistent
through the subsistence of God, and Jesus was the result thereof, and that he
was not originally composed of the stuff of humanity, because his
subsistence is produced by realization of the subsistence of God; and
consequently, he and his mother and God are all subsistent through one
subsistence, which is eternal and an attribute of God. Ali Hujwary has
strongly condemned such views held by anthropomorphist sects of the
Hashwiyya, who maintain that the Divine essence is a locus of phenomena
(mahall-e-hawadith) and that the Eternal may have phenomenal attributes.
Annihilation is of Attributes and not of Essence

Some wrongly imagine that annihilation signifies loss of essence and
destruction of personality, and that subsistence indicates the
subsistence of God in Man; both these notions are absurd. Many
ignorant Sufis cannot distinguish the Eternal from the phenomenal
and consider that total annihilation (fana-yi-kulliyat) is possible but
this is a manifest error, for annihilation of the different parts of a
material substance (tinati) can never take place.
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Annihilation and Subsistence may be
independent of each other.
Annihilation is the annihilation of one attribute
through the subsistence of another attribute.
However, one may speak of an annihilation that is
independent of subsistence, and a subsistence that
is independent of annihilation. In such a case
annihilation means “annihilation of all
remembrance of other�, and subsistence means
“subsistence of the remembrance of God�.
When one follows one’s own will, i.e. by
negating or challenging Divine Law, he stands by
annihilation because human will is perishable.
When one follows God’s will, i.e. by following
Divine Law and sacrificing personal will, he stands
by subsistence because Divine will is Eternal.
Ali Hujwary would advise you to let yourself completely
controlled by Divine Will.
Annihilation of Annihilation
Ali Hujwary himself in the end hath declared, “annihilation comes to a man through vision of
the Majesty of God and through the revelation of Divine omnipotence to his heart, so that in the
overwhelming sense of His Majesty this world and next world are obliterated from his mind, and â
€œstatesâ€� and “stationsâ€� appear contemptible in the sight of his aspiring thought, and
what is shown to him of miraculous grace vanishes into nothing:
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