Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
    Muhammad Rumi
Mathnavi Maulvi Ma'nvi
Volume 1
Roman And Chinese Artists
Jehan Nawardi
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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    The Chinese are famous for their skill in drawing and exquisite choice
    of color and form in Art. They pay extra attention to minute details,
    and thus seek perfection through soulful exhibition of truth in their
    Art. The color and beauty capture the attention of onlooker and
    mesmerize the beholder. The Romans are the one belonging to Rome
    Minor in Asia, i.e. ancient land of Turks, the region of simplicity and
    hard work a Sufi land though surrounded by rich culture of Persia,
    Greece and Rome. And Rumi tells us that it is not Art but Heart which
    matters the most.

    The Chinese and the Roman Artists had fallen into a dispute before the
    Sultan; each one of them claiming that they were better artists than the
    other.  In order to settle the dispute, which of them was better, the
    Sultan allotted  each group a house to paint. The Chinese procured all
    kinds of paints, and colored their house in the most elaborate way. The
    Romans, on the other hand, used no colors at all, but contented
    themselves with cleansing the walls of their house from all filth, and
    burnishing them crystal clear till they were as bright and reflecting as
    the stars in the sky. Sultan ultimately went to inspection of the both
    after the interim period. The one painted by the Chinese was much
    admired; but the Roman house carried off the palm, as all the colors
    of the other house were reflected on its walls with an endless variety of
    shades and hues.
We are great painters Chinese told
The Romans said grandeur we do behold
King said I'm going to test the both
Who among you is the better lot?
When both had entered the competition
Romans better in knowledge comprehension
The Chinese exclaimed, Work hard we will
Romans answered we'll reflect wisdom in skill
The Chinese said, Give us a house for remake
Opposite it, the other house you must take
The two houses were facing each other
One Chinese did hold; Romans the other

Chinese paints of hundred types did call
The generous king had them allotted all
Every morning to buy paints from treasury
The Chinese got money to spend in luxury
Romans neither engraving nor paint did use
Just scrubbing off the rust, plan they choose
Romans closing doors scrubbing had started
Walls and roofs been cleaned and brightened
Too much color leads to plain synchrony
Color is like cloud and the moon is simplicity
All light and brightness reflected in the cloud
It owes to Sun, moon or stars hanging about

When Chinese with the job were done
Beating drums in excitement were stun
The King visited all murals and painting
Dumb he was to see art so amazing
Then the King had come to Romans
Held in between, they withdrew the curtain
All pictures and adornment had reflected
On plain walls shining but not decorated
He had enjoyed scene better than before
Bewitching the vision, the heart did allure
O Son! The Romans are those Sufis
Without skill, knowledge or reasoning
They had but their chests deeply cleansed
Getting  greed, lust, and spite out of scene

The brightness of heart is their attribute
Assimilating all pictures shapes destitute
The picture with no face immanent in all
Entered Moses' chest a reflection befall
Though that face the skies are short to hold
The heaven, earth, river or fish couldn't behold
Because all are set to limits a thousand fold
The mirror of heart is not fixed to any hold

The reason keeps silent or it does mislead
Tuned to heart or it itself is the heart discreet
Every reflection from beginning till eternity
Must they are cast on pure heart to infinity
Till the end, every new impression it takes
It is but reflected in Him unveiling all veils
Scrubbers are but relieved of color and odor
They can "see" the goodness in every order
Chipped off the covering knowledge do absolve
Declared loudly "Ayn al Yaqin" is our final resolve
They are illumined blessed are their thoughts
An ocean wide and deep to swim they begot

Death, fear of every living being
Is mimicked by these brave king
None can but overthrow their heart
The shell is damaged not the pearl
They had bequeathed logic and reason
Now believing in poverty and annihilation
The day they had discovered heavens eight
In anticipation their souls keep open the gate
Better than the space, throne and the heaven
Beholding God the seat of Truth their cavern
Bearing a hundred signs though are annihilated
Not just a sign but emblem of Truth incarnated.
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