Rumi's Discourse on True Love Masanavi Vol. I
Whole world wants to be in Paradise. Not a single person seeks
Love is reflected in ache of heart  
No malaise is but like bait of heart
The lover's ailment has different history
Love is the astrolabe of God's mystery. (1)
A lover may stroll yearning about
All ways but lead to ME, no doubt (2)
Much as I describe and in words explain
Feel love, words are shamed to my disdain
Tongue gives verdict reflecting light
Lighter is the Love with unexplained might.(3)
Pen had been busy writing, when
Reaching love was split in twain
Hath it explained a lover’s plight,
Pen was broken and paper trite.
Reason had stuck like ass in mire;(4)
Naught but Love can explain lover’s tire
None but the sun can present the sun, (5)
Witness it clear, do not haste to turn.
Shadows, reflect that He is there
But the Sun lives the spirit near (6)
Shadows tempt sleep like fairy tales told
"Moon is split asunder." when Sun takes hold (7)
Sun travels and wonders no doubt
In soul never sets to come about
Sun is single and exclusive of its own,
We can conceive of similar to this lone.
Sun that keeps heaven soaring high
Ever seen like it absent or living by?

Imagination is limited for His Conception (8)
Not befitting for similitude in correction
Shams (sun) of Tabriz is an illuminated soul, (9)
A sun himself, for sure, the beam of Whole (God)!
Looking at face of Shams-ud-Din the bright
The sun of fourth heaven bowed its head tight
His name has invited my respect my delight
I may take the liberty to praise; it’s my right
My Soul being alert in its firmament
Smelling the perfume of Yusuf’s garment
For the sake of friendship, that years endure
Kind and sweet states of ascetic I may explore
Listening to it earth and heaven may rejoice,
Reason the spirit of soul become all eyes
’Thou art far from me, my friend’, I complain
I’m but a sick man who’s away from physician,
Importune me not, for I am the annihilated; (10)
Unable to cognize, there are raptures inflated.
The intoxicated declares what may (11)
Magnified or exaggerated is thus astray,
Whatever he says, indecent and distraught
Reckon it not, neither give it a thought. (12)
Me not in my nerves, how can I utter a word
In praise of  'Friend' like Him I none behold
Verily my singing praises is ‘naught’ in conception
It reasons ‘I am’ and that is false, a  deception (13)
May I detail the bleeding heart, the separation?
Nay, put off this matter till another session.
It said, "Feed me, I am the hungry one,” (14)
Time is a sharp sword; it spares none (15)

O friend! Sufi is cognizant of presence, he must deal (16)
He would not enter yester years, that’s not his meal
Indeed a Sufi lives but by his own condition (17)
Days, months and years are but no restriction
Thou art not a true Sufi, perhaps!
Credit gives ready money a lapse.
Better to keep the secrets of  ‘Friend’, I told (18)
However, good heed moral of stories do hold.
Better secrets of Lovers as story told
Revealing not the mystery they behold
He said, speak tightly, unfold the truth straight (19)
Waste not time in frivolities, do not aggravate
Reveal the guidance, hints prophets took
Right Path (Deen) is obvious like Book
Lift off the veil and speak out, for I may not
Hide in the same coverlet my Beloved does hold (20)
I said, If the Beloved was to be ever exposed
Nothing would last, you, the center or shore to hold (21)
Press thy suit, with due moderation
Blade of grass can ever lift a mountain?
If the sun that illuminates the world around
Were to draw near, world would be drowned! (22)
Let not world get a bleeding demise
Close thy mouth and shut thy eyes (23)
Do not seek peril, bloodshed not ask
No longer speak on ‘Sun of Tabriz’ task
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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