Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
    Muhammad Rumi
Mathnavi Maulvi Ma'nvi
Volume 1
Knowledge Perception
Jehan Nawardi
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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To the words of Hakim Sanai listen you may
Where thou get drunk, there you must lay
When a drunk has lost his way to tavern
Joker he becomes for kids object of fun (1)
He is falling here and there on the way
Soiled, made for fools an item to play
He is in such distress and kids wince or whine
Ignorant of drunkenness and taste of wine
Creatures are kids except the one lost in God
Adult is the one who no more to passion hold (2)

Allah so says, “Life is play and amusement
Thou art kids” and Allah but speaks the truth. (3)
Thou art a kid if not relieved of trifling desires
Without attaining purity of soul thou can’t be pious
Reckon lust like kids’ desire for mating (4)
In which youth are but carelessly indulging
Children coupling each other would no fruit bear
Manliness and strength Ali(ra) or Rustam do declare(5)

Common man fighting just quarrel like kids
All meaningless, petty and worthless it is
They fight but with swords made of wood
Motives baseless; intentions bear no good (6)
They all are gaily riding their horses wooden
They are riding ‘Burraq’ or ‘Duldul’ is illusion (7)
They are self-occupied in delusions of grandeur
They assume themselves rising above the 7th sphere (8)

Pause! The believers may cross any heights
Running their steeds fast along nine skies
The angelic soul shall ever rise toward Him (9)
At their ascension the heavens shall swing
Thou may keep withholding to lap like kids
Imagining your own clothes to be your steed (10)

God does not entertain delusions (11)
Your self-deception is no ascension
It’s false to prefer either of assumptions
Why do you quarrel to explain “the sun” (12)
When “the sun” shall shine at the top of their heads
On Judgment Day over the mindful and the uninformed

Everyone shall look at their means of transport
They wilt know riding they were on their own foot,
Thy intuition, thoughts, knowledge and perception
Fake it is like children riding bamboos, Reckon!

    (1) When a man of knowledge has lost his way, even the novice can raise fingers at
    him. One must preserve one’s state and live through it in one’s consciousness.

    (2) Hawa is the invoking of lower soul. Click for Detail….

    (3) Rumi has quoted Qu’ran:6:32: “What is the life of this world but play and
    amusement? But best is the home in the hereafter, for those who are righteous. Will ye
    not then understand?” See also Qu’ran: 6:70

    (4) Rumi is hinting at moral corruption of the society, which is outwardly manifested in
    sexual indulgence at a young age and sexual deviance at mature age. It is all result to
    enjoy luxuries and comforts in life, in order to make most of the life, never recognizing
    that life here is fleeting and quickly passing.

    (5) Youth indulge in profane activities to proclaim ‘manliness’ strength and maturity.
    Rumi says its not worth because this art lies in character of ‘Rustam’ the famous
    Persian fighter or “Ghazi” meaning Hazrat Ali(ra) the brave and the chivalrous.

    (6) They just argue to win a score. They are egoistic and point is to differ just to be
    ‘prominent’ and ‘unyielding’. A mutual consensus is thus never achieved in society and
    it causes conflict and disharmony among various classes of society. Their reason has
    not been sharpened. It has not been fully prepared to meet the objective. As in “fight”
    the task of sword is to cut off the life of opponent to death. Similarly the reason of the
    scholars must be sharpened enough to separate truth from falsehood.

    (7) Children ride wooden rocking horses and enjoy as if they were riding the real
    horse. “Burraq” was the horse that took Hazrat Muhammad (saw) to “Mira`j”: the trip of
    Holy Ascension to be present before God. “Duldul” was the mule presented to Hazrat
    Muhammad (saw) by ruler of Alexandria, Greece.

    Fake scholars indulge into false pretensions. Though their thoughts never leave the
    domain of material earth; they think that they take a holy flight to heavens. Not only
    they are aided with Divine support, but their thinking is powerful and pleasing to men of
    earth as well. It is self-deception and illusion reflected in their fickleness.
    (8) Seven spheres of climate belong to this earth, while 8th clime is above in heavens
    belonging to “Imaginal world”. Click for Detail....

    (9) Rumi has quoted Qu’ran: Surah Al Ma`arij verse no. 4

    (10) Children sometimes stretch and twist their clothes in between their legs, imagining
    it to be a horse or other vehicle and pose they are riding. Similarly the illusionary
    masters think they are bestowed with Divine Intelligence. Ibn-Arabi has explained in
    Fusus al Hikam: “Tajjali is from God. He illumines our hearts.” Our ideas cannot lift us
    off the earth; they are stuck to ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of this world and cannot attain gnosis.

    (11) Rumi has quoted Qu’ran: 53:28: “But they have no knowledge therein. They
    follow nothing but conjecture; and conjecture avails nothing against Truth.”

    (12)  Mostly "the sun" has been used as a metaphor for Hazrat Muhammad (saw). The
    truth - his Sunnah - is self-explanatory and self-evident. It does not require human
    reason or assumption to explain itself. It is far above the ordinary human intellect. All
    human reason is but assumption derived from self speculation and hence it not real -
    the absolute truth; so why give preference to one speculation over the other? They
    are incomplete, only the half truth. The Divine Guidance is forever to stay. All scientific
    knowledge and theory becomes obsolete with time. Don’t minimize the importance of
    Divine guidance before scientific information.
Rumi has well described all misconceptions a person can
drive from his/her faulty knowledge, about being
narcissistic, self delusional about piety, obsessively
seeking power through deviant sexuality, and lustfully
seeking authority and holiness through fantasy, i.e. without
any contemplation, or other ecstatic measures required to
gain intuitive knowledge.
In order to avoid these pitfalls its better that a person
accountability and constantly seek guidance and support
from Allah and follow the way of Muhammad (SAW)!
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