A Thorn in Heart


    Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
    Muhammad Rumi
    A prince, while engaged on a hunting excursion, caught sight of a fair
    maiden, fell in love with her, bought her and brought her to his kingdom
    and provided her with every happiness and comfort he could have
    imagined for her.

    All his favors could bring no happiness to her; she refused to surrender
    before him and after a while she fell sick, and the prince had her tended
    by the best physicians available. They tried their best, being fully
    confident of their worldly expertise, they did not regard it as a major
    challenge, and asserted, Yes!  Not a big deal, we will cure her, however,
    they all omitted to say, InShahAllah "God favoring us". Alas! Their
    treatment was of no avail. The girl was getting worse day by day.

    According to medical model a patient is treated according to symptoms.
    But when the problem is with psyche – the inner soul, the symptoms can
    be misleading. Because the hurt, the wounded would try its best to shy
    away and hide the truest reason of pain to save one’s ego or self respect.
    That loss that failure is its alone, refusing to accept the loss or failure or
    share it with others increases pain and sickness. Acceptance relieves
    you of pain, because it involves surrender to Divine Will. A mature soul
    never questions, Why me? It surrenders like Hazrat Ismail: Why not me?

    The love of maiden for the goldsmith was stuck in her heart like a thorn.
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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The Prince and The Slave Girl
Mathnavi Maulvi Ma'nvi
Volume 1
We are living in a material society
and Rumi says:

Within the spirit, imagined forms are
as nothing --    
(yet) witness an (entire) world going
on (based) upon something

(meaning inner soul dreaming and
visualizing possibilities)
----(People act and react according to
their own fantasy, thus create a will
parallel to Divine Will.)

(Witness how) their peace and their
war (is based) upon something
and (how) their pride and their
shame (derives) from something
    Disappointed by all worldly efforts prince sought refuge in prayer. It
    was such a deep and sincere one, thus answered well by Allah and in
    answer there to a physician was sent from heaven. He was the
    master…spiritual healer…he disregarded the royal physicians view,
    and employed his own method of investigation into heart…a very
    skillful diagnosis was reached. He had discovered that the real
    cause of the maiden's illness was her love for a certain goldsmith of
    Samarcand. Who had bought her, kept her along for six months and
    then resold her. She was in love with his physical smartness, could
    not part with him, and was unable to bear his deceit and exploitation
    of her. Unable to reject and denounce her beloved (goldsmith), she
    was rejecting sincere love of prince.
    The physician asked prince to fetch goldsmith from Samarcand and
    hand over the slave girl to him. The prince, who has surrendered his
    soul to love, surrendered to Divine Will, and did as the holy
    physician commanded him to. The girl reunited and married with the
    goldsmith restored her health and happiness.

    There is no compulsion in Love. See Divine Love

A thorn in a foot is firmly stuck
Gently under lap he has it duck

Gently pricks the needle to find it
Unable to locate, with lips moist it

So hard looking for a thorn in a foot went
Wonder! What beseeching a heart meant.

If everybody a thorn in heart may explore,
Who would control over grief then implore?

Somebody under the tail of a donkey a thorn pumps,
Not knowing how to pull it off (donkey) helplessly jumps.

To relieve twinge and ache (donkey) kicks in vain,
Causing hundred sores to itself is but his gain.

Kicking, in no way can relieve it of thorn,
An expert is needed to locate the mourn

A spiritual healer, the master of Art
Examines carefully the body and the heart
(1) A person carefully nurtures
wounds…he/she may kiss his/her own
foot with lips, would do the
impossible…show unreasonable
attitude and behavior. It is to nurture
pain and not in attempt to soothe it

(2) It is the thorn, which gives reason
to be grieved and in pain…and if it
would have been pulled out…there
would have been no reason for lament.
A man looks for simulated physical
reasons for pain in his soul. Here
becomes obvious the ego defense
mechanisms of Denial and
    Sufi spiritual masters use the allegory of donkey for ‘ignorant human soul’:
    Ignorant in a sense that it is not well groomed to deal with realities of life, to
    bear the loss (compromise with what is not there, or what could not BE) and to
    thank the blessings of Allah  the Almighty (what is there to enjoy or what
    could BE). It has an underdeveloped reason or cognitive consciousness to
    identify the true reason…the cause of pain, and weak spirit to fight the effect.

    Such a soul is ignorant to ‘other’ realities. Its only realization is pain and its
    consciousness is blinded to everything else, especially reason. It is wounded
    and would give nothing but wound. In such a condition it is vital to look for the
    cause of ailment, just dealing with symptoms would not heal the pain…. Marz
    barhta gaya joon joon dawa ki
    Khayal ….Imagination is something which is in between the stage of being and non-
    being….Madoom…It could be and it could not be. So it’s important to regard this
    world vague like ‘khayal’ or ‘Madoom’…anything can BE, and still can’t BE. A mature
    soul accepts Divine Will and surrenders to it. Seeds can be sown, nurtured and cared
    for, still the farmer may not enjoy the luck of reaping a harvest.
    A common man cannot heal the body, how come he or she can heal the heart?
    A doctor or any medical man who is following the medical model cannot heal such a
    person, because he is in attempt of healing body, whereas the sick is the soul…the
    heart…the psyche. Disappointed by all worldly efforts prince sought refuge in prayer.
    See Spiritual Reverence
    In the story, however, the pair enjoyed together utmost harmony
    and happiness for six months. At the end of that period the
    physician, by divine command, gave the goldsmith a poisonous
    draught, which caused his strength and beauty to decay, and he
    then lost fervor and then ofcourse favor with the maid. The girl
    was in love with goldsmith's physical beauty and prine's sincerity
    she could not reckons. Such a love is short lived.
    However, people may consider 'poisoning' as revenge and an
    unfair act. Rumi reminds us that divine commands and acts taken
    by Walis and saints are not to be doubted. One should look at the
    consequences that it bears.

    Goldsmith passed away and she was reunited to the prince.
Do not doubt the noble intention

He’d shed blood not for lust
Pure was his heart, not a speckle of dust

Life dared and time churned to lift
That furnace may free silver of its filth

Let not your suspicion ruin the deed
“Verily! Some doubts are sins”. Read!

Commend the cursed cruel, make the
heaven shook
Bearing the toll doubts the noble hearts
On Doubt
    According to Rumi this Divine command bears similarity to God's
    command to Abraham to slay his son Ishmael, and to the act of the
    angel in slaying the servant of Moses (Qur’an, 18:73) and is
    therefore beyond human criticism..
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    fell in love with a slave
A Thorn in Heart