Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
    Muhammad Rumi
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Maulvi Ma’nvi

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Seema Arif
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Maulana Jalal ud Din
Muhammad Rumi
Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi is the spiritual
guide and mentor, whose writings still
provoke thought  and awakening from long
slumber human beings have been resting in
by deferring The Divine Law. The human
beings can be at fault, but not the humanity,
who always aspire to seek Divine Guidance
and Union with The True One!
    Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi denounces illusory material world and its
    abundant gifts selfishness, greed, doubt and suspicion. It is killing human
    soul, because it is harming human satisfaction in human relationships.
    Without soul there is no spirit to Live and human body yields to physical
    demons of stress, anxiety, and depression.

    We witness so much heartbreak in relationships these days. Instead of
    trust, there is doubt and confusion. Instead of spontaneity there is
    compulsion. Rumi Says, there is no compulsion in Love. Love must reign
    free to rule the spirits and not bodies. Love is capacity to do goodness to
    others. Love is not servitude; it is not slaying off one’s ego and self-respect
    before any human being. Love is sharing joys and sorrows. Love is
    togetherness. There is no ownership in Love, only there is a sense of
    belongingness. Love is tenderness, the capacity of feeling for others, not
    trying to be sympathetic, but being empathetic. Rumi establishes the fact
    that true love establishes and strengthens link with divinity, hence eternity,
    while on the other hand, selfishness and greed faces extermination.
    See True Love....

    Patience and Sacrifice are the eternal divine virtues needed to sustain a
    relationship. Patience leads to magnanimity; with patience one has to stick
    to the eternal goodness of one’s nature and avoiding being an easy prey for
    evil. Patience is not endurance of atrocities and selfishness to oneself,
    which devours the soul and makes it suffer and subjugate  before devil
    raising doubts and suspicion in one’s heart. Patience is keeping oneself firm
    and persevere in fight against evil and defeat it, whether in physical or
    spiritual form. Rumi advocates reverence for divine laws. They encourage
    gratitude and save human heart from disappointment and heartbreak.
    See Spiritual Reverence....

    Rumi has invited and encouraged all to surrender before Divine Law. Divine
    laws are same in every religion; same eternal virtues and permanent values
    have been taught by Buddha, Jesus Christ (PBUH) and Hazrat Muhammad
    (SAW). It is ‘to enjoin good and forbid evil’. The way may be different but
    goal has been ONE: PEACE & BROTHERHOOD. The lesson has been that
    of inculcating Divine virtues, and spreading message of peace and Love by
    acceptance of human limitations, especially that of human logic. Wherever
    human logic ends, Divinity begins. And Rumi has taught us this lesson
    through eternally simple yet eloquent story telling. Let us salute Rumi for his
    use of Divine intelligence in appreciation of Divine gifts.
In his Masanavi Maulana has endeavored to
introduce humanity with the eternal virtues
that dictate The Divine Law.
This site is a humble attempt to introduce his
ever-living and Wisdom to revolve on the
Right Path.
May Allah Grant us all the
spirit and courage to know and discover the
right path for us. Amen!
Jehan Nawardi
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