Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
    Muhammad Rumi
Mathnavi Maulvi Ma'nvi
Volume 1
Jehan Nawardi
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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    Learn with Ibn-Arabi why "Man" is
    a superior creation. Why "man" is
    Allah's vicegerant (khalif) and not
Knowledge of Heart
The men of heart burden of knowledge truly bear
Worldly skills and perception weighing down slowly tear.
When the knowledge shapes heart, it is a friend;
When knowledge nourishes body, it only saddens
Allah says, "Be not an ass bearing a load of books" (2)
The knowledge which is not from Him, burden looks
Knowledge not indirectly revealed from Heaven
Endures no more than the rouge of the beautician

If thou shalt bear this responsibility in a high spirit
Relieving thee of heaviness, bless it shall infinite
Beware! Bear that burden for Allah's consent
Till the true knowledge mounts to right assent
Beware!  Do not lift it for desire or passion
Ride it to mastery thy steed carry it to heaven
When thou shalt be riding on it firm and fast
Relieved of remorse and guilt thou be at last! (3)

How will you escape lust if not in Divine Love drenched?
Thou seek not Him just naming His names get secured! (4)
Reciting His names, qualifying attributes begets vision
The vision guides you to union with Him, the true reason
Do you know a leader without a goal to claim about?
"Were there no roads there would be no ghoul". (5)
A name may ever escape its definition? Never!
Would you pluck a rose from Gaf and Lam? O clever! (6)

You know the "Name". Now go, seek the Master.
"Look for the moon in heaven, not in the water!" (7)
Desiring to reach beyond mere names and letters,
Get rid of egotism; slay thy "Self"; it does not matter
Thou must free thyself of "iron-ness" like the iron does (8)
Shine like mirror, scouring off rust with repentance
Get free from attributes of self, purifying the foulness
Your heart may witness thy pure bright essence! (9)

Thy heart with the knowledge of Prophets brimming (10)
Without books or tutor, not even a preceptor not needing
Hazrat Muhammad (saw) has said, some of my people,
Shall bear similitude with me in soul and character (11)
Their souls shall behold me in the Divine light
And I see them illumined following my stride,
Without going through traditions, scriptures or history
They shall gain the fount of eternal life in Love's mystery
Learn the artistry, "As a Kurd I'd spent last evening
But have woken up as an Arab this morning." (12)
The secret of spending one's "nights"and"morning"
Unveils the truth, thou unto Way of God leading (13)
    (1) We acquire skills and adopt profession to reach excellence in life.
    But we get our selves busy in getting ourselves recognition and strive
    hard for public fame and wealth. We forget our duty towards the "Life
    and the living" a burden that men of heart bear. Their only strife is to
    "better" the Life process or condition of the living.

    (2) Rumi has quoted Qur'an: 62:5: The similitude of those who were
    charged with the (obligations of the) Mosaic Law, but who
    subsequently failed in those (obligations), is that of a donkey which
    carries huge tomes (but understands them not). Evil is the similitude of
    people who falsify the Signs of Allah. And Allah guides not people who
    do wrong.

    (3) When knowledge commands you to fulfill your petty selfish desires,
    it is you master and you are slave running after status in this world.
    When heart is the ruler, one commands knowledge to fulfill Divine
    obligation.  It is only way to seek salvation here and approval in world

    (4) For gnosis Physical Ibaddah is not enough; you have to call Him
    from you heart to reach Him.

    (5) Original translation of Whinfield.

    (6) The Persian letters "gaf" and "lam" make "Gul" meaning "Rose".
    Rumi says that true meaning is not qualified by letters, the parts, which
    constitute a word, but we identify it with its definition.  Now the world
    acclaims the idea of "schema" by Max Wertheimer and the theory of
    part-whole relationship. It is of particular importance in explaining
    theory of leadership. It says that the parts cannot substitute the whole.
    It is the whole which has parts and a whole is always larger than sum of
    its parts. Much earlier it had been adopted and refined by
    Illuminationist School of thought propounded by Suhrawardi.

    (7) Original translation of Whinfield.

    (8) Rumi's verses claim again and again to clear off the rust of iron. In
    those days the mirrors were not made of glass but of shining metal,
    usually iron scrubbed to mirror-ness. So Rumi has used this allegory
    again and again: clearing off rust from heart is freeing oneself of
    selfish worldly desires, and mirroring attributes in oneself is to reflect
    the Divine Truth.

    (9) Attributes of self are desire for praise, greed, lust, jealousy, envy,
    anger, and the like, worst of all pride and insolence. Whereas the
    Divine attributes that shape heart are mercy, empathy, generosity,
    patience and magnanimity and the like.

    (10) Called "ilm al Dunni"¦.See Surah Kahf Khizr addressing to Moses.

    (11) A qudsi Hadith

    (12) Sayyed Abu al Wafa was a "Kurd" ignorant of Arabic. He found a
    paper with the words Bismillah upon it, and, after spending the night in
    prayer, next morning he found himself able to understand Arabic. Allah
    had illumined his heart to understand Arabic.

    (13) Qur'an says, "Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to
    thee, and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful
    and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in
    life) without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do. (29:45)
    Learn with Rumi about the misconception of
    Satan and man following him in spirit
    regarding one's origin as source of excellence.
    Learn with Ibn-Arabi about
    "knowledge" - "Tajjali" that makes
    Man a superior creation.