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Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
Muhammad Rumi
Seek by Allah the gift: reverence and courtesy
Thy insolence deny His grace and sympathy
Impudent the state of lonely affliction enjoin
burns not alone, sets the whole world to ruin
Feast from heaven had reached in abound
Neither buying nor selling, or asking around
Ah! Someone from Moses’ clan, much in disdain
"Where (are) garlic and lentils” would complain
The Divine Feast had been ended since then,
Shovel, and scythe, toil of farming remain
Once more, Jesus had beseeched for a table (4)
Allah sent dishes making His bounty available.
The table from heaven had been back for good
As Jesus had entreated “bless us with food”
Yet, the audacious abandoned courtesy.
Beggars! Hoarding leftovers like hungry
Jesus forbade them and had thus implore
Food shall never leave, ordained to endure
Acting suspicious and greedy on Table Divine
Insulting rejection and ingratitude now whine
Those beggar faced lustful and greedy
Had shut for them all, great gate of Mercy
The Divine Feast for good adjourned
None tastes the blessed food, confirmed

Refusal to charity hurdles clouds, the rain
Unholy sex heralds plague, AIDS the gain (7)
Billows of gloom and grief strike you hence
Bear fruit of reckless impudence and insolence.
Brazen souls impeding way of pious men
Playing gay has been never virtuous of men
Reverence (of divine laws) made Heavens glow
Glorifying angels innocent and chaste, they flow
Impertinence had the Sun eclipsed in sky
Azazeel dared disgrace and was turned wry
Whoever disrespects the spiritual way? Beware!
Bewildered, incredulous, oblivion their due fare
Spiritual Reverence
Book 1, Lines: 78 -92
Jehan Nawardi
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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