Divine Face of Maulana Jalal ud Din
    Muhammad Rumi
Harut and Marut - The Fallen Angels
Mathnavi Maulvi Ma'nvi
Volume 1
    Close your eyes and relax excluding all caring thoughts from your mind.
    When you are totally in a relaxed state, then slowly bring in your mind what
    do you want from life? What are your dreams and desires in life? For few
    minutes very pleasant ideas shall sail in your mind: what kind of a job
    status you wish for yourself or a life partner; what car do you want to ride
    in and where do you want to spend your vacations. Slowly, soon after that
    the hazards which may be blocking your goals shall start peeping in. A
    domineering boss, a competitive colleague, lack of economic resources,
    etc. and you may start wishing to eliminate all those blocking your way to
    your dream life. The unpleasant incidences shall creep in, the people who
    think ill of you and whom you cannot ignore or forgive, people who do not
    value your dreams, even if it were your parent, spouse, any close member
    of your family or a friend, they were the people who did not help you out;
    they were not with you in moment of need: a teacher who does not grade
    you well; a boss who is more favorable to your colleague; a father who
    supports other sibling or a beloved who has set too high  expectations.
    Your breathing rate is quickened, your face has started flushing, your
    heart is pounding, your stomach is churning and whole body is in tense
    and turgid muscular state. You are awakened in an intense emotional
    state, ready to do anything to remove the blocks to achieve your personal
    goals. So far you may have considered yourself “friendly”, most congenial
    and accommodative person, but now you can no more “forget” and
Am I an angel or a devil?
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Lets continue with the
story of fallen angels -
Harut and Marut....
Jehan Nawardi
The demon of your “self” has been aroused or
angel has gone to take a nap?

    Now let us examine another situation. A person very close to you is in
    quite distress; he/she needs help from you. You may have to sacrifice
    something valuable, time, money or another important resource to help
    him/her out. Just imagine his/her call for help; “You” …none other…. you
    are dumbfounded. It seems that a hundred arrows have taken you
    unguarded.  There is only one sensation and that is pain, and your only
    thought: “Why Me?” In a moment hundred demons spring up and start
    creeping towards you…you are in danger of personal loss…and
    immediately you seek refuge in “Not Me” to save your soul from burden.
    Few moments ago you were a “friend” an agreeably benevolent person.
    What are you now?

    Most of us hold ourselves in virtues of high esteem: we are truthful,
    extremely devoted and pious, empathetic and benevolent, outstanding
    selfless leaders of community, honestly dedicated to share and impart
    knowledge, accomplished masters of some art, skill or vocation, provided
    be the favorable conditions, we shall transform this world into the most
    agreeable place to live. Are these mere self assumptions, personal
    grimace  to cover up, or indeed we are angelic but sometimes devil take
    over us?
Let us see what the Divine Rumi has to tell us
through the story of Fallen Angels.......
A window to
Maulvi Ma’nvi

Translation and
Seema Arif
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    Before starting the story of
    Fallen Angels, Let us do a little
    exercise of self-introspection....