I have participated in many local and
international conferences. Here you
can have a snapshot of my research
activities, published and unpublished.
Full text of research is not available
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Assistant Professor
Faculty of Management Studies
University of Central Punjab
Lahore. Pakistan
    My area of research is organizational
    behavior, especially leadership,
    corresponding to the theory of
    Transformational Leadership by James
    McGregor Burns with special emphasis
    on systems change via organizational
    learning for continual improvement. My
    special area of interest is holistic
    personality development through
    education and systems view of life.
    While searching for steps of evolution of
    behavior in human history, I often revisit
    the landmark in the history of world
    knowledge, i.e. of Islamic Sufism to
    explore ideas about human nature and
    purpose of knowledge.

    My approach toward research is
    inductive and I usually adopt
    phenomenology as research
    methodology and most of my recent
    research is qualitative. In past I have  
    constructed a model for educational
    leadership using transformational theory
    and systems approach for educational  
    leadership. The topic of my PhD research
    is “Dynamics of Quality Management in
    Higher Education”.

MSc Psychology
Masters of Arts in
Educational Leadership and
PhD Education Management
My Research Work
Seema Arif
Jehan Nawardi
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Associate Professor
chool of Social Sciences & Humanities
University of M
anagement & Technology
Lahore. Pakistan