Contemporary World at Glance
    Few days ago my esteemed teacher requested
    me to look for an English translation of few
    verses from Bal-i-Jibril ....Zamana, an invaluable
    piece of Iqbal, almost synonymous to Arabic "Al-
    Asr" meaning  'present era'. While reflecting
    upon current needs of human society globally, I
    have dared to translate "Zamana" as
    "Contemporary World at glance" The translation
    is not of words exactly but is an attempt to
    convey the spirit, the essential meaning it holds
    for the world we are living in....
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Jehan Nawardi
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Hearing the steps, present will hide its face
To save its lost grace
Now what "is" shall no more "be" in future
My lips don't lie; my tongue doesn't err
Painful yet is the reality, unfolding the
The times wait in excited anticipation
As incidents are spilling out of the treasury
Slowly one by one, linking each other into

Counting pearls and turning night into day is
one playful drudgery
Acquainted well with all; yet maintaining a
unique relationship
Sometimes the part of a whole, somewhere
whole to the part;
Still making others tear apart is a pure art.
Repent or regret; everything is a reward or a
Either enjoy or destroy; yours is the choice of
Favors are not to share with the fearsome
Faulty is thy speculation, O' astrologer!
Wasted it shall be; all will be white lies;
To see one needs "vision" not eyes.

It is not mirth of evening reflecting pink in the
It's the sun bleeding in the west, injured,
receding in agony,
Heed thy ears to listen its cry.
Don't deem it dead; it's just the time for
Wait for the morning; look for the silver lining
close by.
All murmuring lips will be hushed in silence
Tongues swallowing the gossip, keen to
breathe and become alive.
O' unruly intellect daring to play with the
divine law
Thou may get wonder struck in awe
Nature knows to backfire; save thy safest
Hold...! Hold thy lips tight firmly gritting at
thy jaw
No eyes to see, no ears to hear; yet the blind
wisdom is just enough
To serve all culprits their dutiful rights
Free thou art to sail in thy own ships; its day
or night!
Winds are at thy command; horizons seeking
thy direction.
Cyclones hit and tornadoes blast, its plain
destiny or Star Wars?
The games are at stake, the risk high...!
Death means rebirth or transforming into new
Some questions still seek answers;
But close are wise lips, shut are intelligent
The silent hands are at work,
Lighting candles pointing to the north;
There is a hermit, somebody in a cave
Weaving a spider web or saving a word of
wisdom from wrathful skies.
May Allah forgive me for my worldly
transgressions and petty mistakes.