Iqbal Spirituality and Sufism
    Iqbal is mainly recognized as a political thinker
    and philosopher rather than a spiritual mentor
    who inspires intellectual evolution in individual
    and society through moral transformation. The
    principle ethics of this proposed transformation
    is divine laws quoted in Qu'ran and preached
    by Islam. By doing so Iqbal has generated a
    place among Muslim sages like Ibn-SIna, Imam
    Ghazali, and of course Abdul Karim Al-Jilli. He
    is the most inspired by Al-Jilli's explanation of
    Ibn-Arabi's vision in making of "Insa'n-i-Ka'mil"
    and Rumi's psychology of reconstruction of a
    morally corrupted and lost society. He learnt his
    lessons in Sociology from Ibn-e-Khaldun. His
    thorough and complete discussion of their
    ideas in his lectures in English revived a new
    spirit of investigation in Muslim Thought,
    philosophy and culture in the west and Muslims
    renewed their connection with their heritage
    and collective wisdom.
It is heartening to know that Iqbal is
still alive in the conscience of Muslim
mind. Let's try to revive its spirit in
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