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Jehan Nawardi

English Translation of
خفتگان خاک سے استفسار


Allama Iqbal
O Sun! Unveiling dusk is covering thy face,
Uncurling its lock holds life in daze.
Who do you mourn?
Appearing dark and black, O dear!
Commemorating the prince of sky,
the convention is here?
Whence tongue is caught by the spell of sky,
And magic of night looking for the awakened eye;
The cool breeze is driven deep into silence,
Marching bell is heard across the distance.

My heart forlorn in love has its world forsaken;
Far from the maddening crowd hath me taken.
Hath been a witness to most unfortunate sights;
Now seeking the company of solitude in fright!
O fretful! Let me rest in this quiet ambiance;
May I weep and lament on this sad existence!

Where do you live all swooning in ignorance?
Tell me about it; let me know of such residence.
Is it a wonderland of living hopes and
dead dreams?
Or a live spectacle of struggling forces
in mayhem?
Men captured by sorrow are kept in drudgery
Does empowerment also leads to slavery?

Hither the moth yet burns in love of candle;
Thither is repeated the story of rose and bulbul?
Here, a simple phrase can take your heart away
There too, verses glow and let you sway?
Relationships, growing webs,
ensnare you in pain;
Garden sowed with roses reaps
thorns in disdain?

The daily budget squirting all with concern,
Does your soul burn to same ashes in that urn?
Do you have electricity, farming and crops?
Huge caravans ever moving in fear of rob?
Birds collecting straws to build their nest,
Men earnestly brick and clay do behest.

People hardly conscious of reality of being;
In tribes and nations they always do team.
Here, the misery of one doth concerns all? Nay!
There too, unconcern, no needs to feel for others?
What is paradise? A garden or a resting place!
Or is it beauty clad in its eternal haze?

Hell is surely a system to cast away all sins?
Or burning flames are just warning whims?
The speed is lost in flying at the best?
The death carries same notion of rest?
Perplexity is the only fruit our hearts bear
Alas! Wisdom reaches neither far nor near
The heart distressed is appeased at
holy unification
Is it the truth or just another exaggeration?

The peace of soul is in its restless quest?
With undying thirst of knowledge
is man obsessed?
No ray of hope, gory dark is the land there?
Or light of Love keeps it illuminated, ever fair.
Unveil the secret hidden in that moving flux
Forever the death thorn in human heart is struck.
Khudi is a process of self knowledge and how do we evolve in
this process will determine quality of our being. The purpose of
indulging into this knowledge acquisition process is to reduce the
gap between the unknown and the known to better understand
the phenomenon of life and become an effective agent of life.
One way of doing so is to develop one’s intuitive intelligence and
being able to communicate with beings which exist beyond this
world – material life. Allama Iqbal in this poem has addressed the
people who are dead, asking them about their quality of
existence. By doing so he has artfully addressed all those
values, which are dead in our present society, which are vital to
sustain life on this earth and which are tools for development of
human consciousness, thus, responsible for improvement in
human knowledge and condition. Becoming a part of this
discourse, we gain self knowledge, i.e. we come to know what
values are dead or sick in us and where we need to work for the
rise of Khudi to claim the status of vicegerent of God.
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